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Electronics Science is progressing day by day so it is very important to benefit that in order to provide security and tranquility for customers and to resolve society’s demands. Researchers at the ArkaTech Technical Department are constantly trying to ease using of up-to-date Technology of the world for customers by providing appropriate platform and take a long move in the direction of Improving society’s situation by satisfying them.








Take control of your home from anywhere in the world

Remote Control

Provides controlling all the equipment from outside the smart building using “communication port” according to situation and available facilities

Economize of energy usage

You can earn the energy usage rate based on usage of fuel and electricity at every moment in a smart system and use it to reduce the energy usage and economize it


Performing in a modern way, without any physical connection, different from traditional Wiring and with just a simple touch, brings you comfort

No Destruction or Wiring

Not only there is no destruction and wiring but also it would cut the costs of infrastructure and the smart system is available even for completed buildings


To plan and control all the modules by the user, brings high security factor for the smart building. Communicating Protocols also has a very complicated global standards of smart systems and codding that guaranty the security against any penetration

Increasing the Value of the building

Embedding the Smart system in a building not only modernize it but also will increase its price

Z-Wave VS KNx

Grounds for Z-wave wireless protocol over the KNX wired protocol


Stream your life according to your desire

Entrance Scenario

By implementing this scenario, the heating and cooling system begins its operation before entering the smart home and provides the home's temperature to a predetermined level that is very effective in optimizing energy consumption; the intensity of the ambient light with It focuses on daylight hours and sunlight, and also the security system is disabled

Child Care Scenario

By defining this scenario, you can have full control over the pictures of your children's room, adjust the temperature and brightness of the room to a moderate level, and even control the amount of time they spend on television and gaming, and as soon as an accident happened for them, get notified immediately and take the necessary actions

Morning Waking Scenario

In this case, even if you have not issued a command by touchscreen, mobile software or tablet, just before the morning and the pre-set hour, the bedroom curtains will be set to light you and the music or channel broadcast your favorite radio from the speakers to wake up peacefully

Travel Scenario

Just click on the exit button; the smart system can lock the main valve of water and gas, turn off the lights and the ventilation system, close the curtains, activate the CCTV camera, alarm and fire alarm system and lock the doors behind you

Party Scenario

In this scenario, the combination of lighting and sound system will create the perfect atmosphere for you. Light dance with proper timing, illuminated halogen lights and RGB illumination are some of the features of this system. At the same time as controlling the colors, the sound system can play your favorite music with the right volume. Setting up the ventilation system on the optimal temperature and closing the curtains and so on are the other features of this scenario

Urgent Help Scenario

In this scenario, when problem occurs in the smart home, by just pressing a button that is located on the panel or mobile phone or smart remote control, the people who have already stored their number will notify by a message to help with the problem quickly. The application of this system will be particularly useful in helping the house where the elderly people reside

Arka Process

Process of implementing an Automation project

  • Advice and visit
  • Smart System Design
  • Contract
  • Installation
  • Support


According to your wishes


  • Installation valves control

  • Engine equipment control
  • Intelligent irrigation
  • Bug system control


  • Video surveillance system

  • Door locks control
  • Electronic arms control
  • Alarm system


  • Electronic curtain control

  • Opening and closing door and window control
  • Audio and video system control
  • Fire warning and fire extinguish system


  • Lighting system control

  • Socket and plug control
  • Cooling and heating system control
  • Light,moisture,temperature and motion control

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